a between man and beast
and lorna love
project for the north circular


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is a collaborative arts project between
The North Circular and Between Man & Beast
Lily Cole

Unlike Kafka's vision, which sees a monster emerge, our metamorphosis is beauty emerging out of dark times - science marching on, but people waking up to their responsibility to protect the world in which we live.  By working with our communities we can contribute to this vision.  Even the humble beanie and knitted dress can be a symbol of the future we want to see. It's our choice to nurture beauty and not the monster.

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The project has so far manifested in installations for London Fashion Week in February 2011 & The British Fashion Council's 5th Birthday party for Esthetica in May 2011.

Based on an original concept by Lorna Love, and inspired by a combination of Kafka's Metamorphosis, experimental acid trial videos of the 60s, William Boroughs, and the evolution of life.

The North Circular is an ethical knitwear brand employing home-working grannies (and one man) to produce a handmade collection with wool from Izzy Lane Sheep Sanctuary rescue sheep.

The project was produced by Little Yellow Jacket, and the collaborations with Barry Lewis (additional cinematography and microscopic life) and The Bardo Lightshow (projections and liquid chemical reactions) took the project further into the ethereal realms of cutting edge science/arts.

the Film

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the Featurette

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extended Interviews

Streamable interviews with key people from the project.



part 1: katherine poulton & isobel davies

'On the journey to establishing The North Circular and Izzy Lane Sheep Sanctuary'

part 2: katherine poulton

'On the project so far'

part 3: bardo lightshow

'Key influences in projected light visuals'

part 4: barry lewis

'Through the microscope and into the hidden world around us'


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the Story So Far

February 2011 - London Fashion Week; Somerset House Installation

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March 2011 - Series of one-off polaroid portraits of the North Circular grannies by award-winning photographer Luke Stephenson

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May 2011 - Estethica's 5th Birthday Party Installation (British Fashion Council)

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June 2011 - 1 Week Exclusive (Main film only)

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the Collaborators

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lorna love


between man and beast


little yellow jacket


the north circular

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microscopic cinematographer:

barry lewis

chemical & liquid special effects:

bardo lightshow

sheep sanctuary:

izzy lane

portrait photography:

luke stephenson